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We'll continue to update this page with wedding weekend details as they're solidified to (hopefully) quell your key concerns. If you're still feeling uncertain about something, we're here to help!

When should I arrive?

The first event is a welcome party (with dinner) on Friday 6/14 starting at 5:30.

We know travel days are tough, so feel free to arrive whenever works with your plans. See our Travel page for advice on where to fly in, expected travel times, and how to get around (here) and our Events page for location and time details (here).

Where should I stay?

We have some suggestions for accommodations in Sonoma on our Hotels page (here). Those suggestions are based on where our families are staying, room blocks or discounts we've secured, and/or where we're planning to have shuttle pickups to the wedding.

is transportation provided?

Yes for the wedding (Sat 6/15). But not for the welcome party (Fri 6/14) or farewell brunch (Sun 6/16). We recommend renting a car to get around because Uber/Lyft aren't totally reliable.

There will not be transportation for the welcome party (Fri 6/14). This event will be at Haystack Farm, which is 1 mile from Sonoma Plaza (4min drive). We encourage carpooling and parking is available on site.

For the wedding (Sat 6/15) there will be a few shuttle pickup spots around Sonoma going to the Carneros Resort venue (~20min drive). If you prefer to drive, parking is available on site. We expect the pickup locations to be: Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, El Pueblo Inn, and Sonoma Plaza.

There will not be transportation for the farewell brunch (Sun 6/16). This will be at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn (10min drive from Sonoma Plaza).

What should I wear?

See attire for each event below. Note that you'll mostly be outside and when the sun goes down it does get cold here. Don't be deceived by late summer sunset (~8:30pm) or California's sunny reputation, bring a layer for warmth!

Welcome Party: Farm-Festive / Casual. You'll be outside and mostly on grass.

Wedding: Summer Formal (suit + tie). You'll be outside on turf and concrete for most of the night then inside for music and dancing.

Farewell Brunch: Come as you are!